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Hand Book

Last modified 20190317
All of our accounts include electronic mail, unlimited shell, internet relay chat (irc), text to mobile, do-it-yourself homepage.
There are various plans; For $1 you can get 61% CPU Processing and 300MB storage options vary depending upon your setup.
There is a free version which uses 45% CPU Processing and 10MB storage.
Of course, all accounts are subject to our Disclaimer.

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Server Operating System FreeBSD
Server Name gadget.otherb.com
Number of CPU hw.ncpu: 8
CPU Model hw.model: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5450 @ 3.00GHz
Memory hw.realmem: 3484745728

Date Admin Message
05-13-2016Increased the bandwidth to and from the server.
11-10-2016Installed battery backup on server.
04-05-2017Added a backup directory for each user. /usr/home/USERNAME/backup
09-19-2017if you are having problems send feedback - [Click Here]
03-05-2019BitcoinCash Stratum Mining Pool http://bch.herbsters.com (Getting Started Guide)
03-15-2019change of server; if you backup your files read in the Hand Book - [Click Here]

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