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Social Security

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Hand Book

Last modified 20190908
Of course, all accounts are subject to our Disclaimer. And all of our accounts include:
electronic mail (E-Mail), unlimited shell (SSH), domain name service (DNS), disk space (FTP), internet relay chat (IRC), text to mobile, do-it-yourself homepage.

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Operating System - (OS)

We run Unix. FreeBSD
You can find more information about this operating system at the following site: http://freebsd.org
For handbook and documentation about this operating system at the following site: https://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/
Berkeley Software Distribution
Started with AT&T source code. In 1991 NetBSD group at Berkeley, California was formed. Then a second group was formed and created FreeBSD. From there a third group adopted OpenBSD.

What is an Operating System?
The operating system communicates with the system hardware to control the computer's input/output systems. Keyboards and disk drives, and that loads and runs other programs. The operating system is also a set of mechanisms and policies that help define controlled sharing of system resources.
The kernel
The kernel is a special program that is loaded into the computer when it is first started. Load modules, such as device drivers, after the system starts running.
Standard utility programs
Some programs serve a single function other programs are large and perform many functions.
System database files
Most files are relatively small and are used by a variety of programs on the system.
System startup and configuration files
Startup and configuration files store information how to look up network name and address.
Security Policy
The policy determines how the computer is run with the respect to the users and system administration. Establishing a policy role in the overall process of operating a secure system.

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