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MakeHigh-Risk Pregnancy
ModelA Team Approach
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This 2nd Edition covers risk factors in pregnancy and related counseling, medical care and nursing care during pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the immediate post partum period. The team approach to care is emphasized, with valuable coverage for obstetricians, neonatal nurses, lawyers, sonographers, and social workers. High risk conditions covered range from diabetes and hypertension, to the concerns of drug abuse and HIV infection.

MakeHigh-Risk Pregnancy
ModelWhy Me? Understanding and Managing a Potential Preterm Pregnancy. A Medical and Emotional Guide.
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Unique medical and emotional guide focusing on the heart-wrenching experience of pregnancy with a possible preemie for families and their docs. Written by a scientist mom and backed by a leading perinatologist, Dr. Vincenzo Berghella. It extensively covers the latest medical research, strategies and treatments from top experts, along with emotional reassurance, advice, survival tips, stories and hope for those navigating a difficult pregnancy -and written in an engaging, encouraging tone that could only come from another mother who's walked the same path. Topics covered include: Preterm Labor, Premature Rupture of Membranes, Incompetent Cervix, Preeclampsia, Placental Abruption, Intrauterine Growth Restriction/Fetal Indications and Multiples. Geared to the lay-person, in a raw, honest, mom-to-mom tone. Hundreds of women provide their own insights, advice and stories to managing a high-risk pregnancy. Preterm birth is a major global issue, reaching all corners of the earth.

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